Streaming vs. Snap quote

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Spark, Mar 8, 2003.

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    What is the difference between streaming and snap quote? Which one is is precise? Why some brokers don't provide streaming quotes? What are the limitations with snap and streaming quotes? anyone have better knowledge?

  2. In computer networking the term "streaming" used to mean TCP.

    But I think the way traders use it with regard to quotes it means the following:

    A snap shot quote requires a request to be sent out from your computer (usually when you click a "Refresh" button on a web site) before a price quote is sent back to you.

    "Streaming quotes" means that data is sent to your computer continuously, so that the quote on your screen keeps updating automatically.

    Then there are streaming quotes and there are streaming quotes. Some still send you only one snapshot per second (or something like that), but since you don't have to request each snap shot, they still cal it "streaming quotes". Others ("tick-by-tick") quotes will show virtually every tick of the stock (every trade that occurs).

    And then, finally there is the issue of speed and reliability. You will never see what happens right that instant, there will always be a slight delay until the quote reaches your eyes through the exchange, data vendor, internet, your software. Moreover, some systems lag or stall when there is abnormally large volume.

    That's what I think I know about this.