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  1. Can anyone provide me with a good streaming news source that will provide prompt news releases such as oil inventories, fomc, payroll, ISM, etc... I would prefer it not to be overly expensive, but would like a good group to choose from.

    -thanks in advance for any help!
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    Also, I've been using Need to Know News and don't have any complaints. They have guys calling out the numbers right as they're released (crude as well). Definitely worth a free trial at least. Check them out at
  5. How about a site that lists the analysts estimates for various economic numbers prior to being released? Any sites out there that display this so I can compare the estimates to the real number?

    thanks again
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    Kingfin2 (free)for the est. and Need toKnow News for the actuals, actually KTKN gives the estimates as well.