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    I am looking for streaming news feed. Any broker or third party provide such API and its price? Thank you for your answer in advance.
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    I like newsedge. It's a news accumulator. You're paying for a lot of live news from many different sources. It runs around $250+ per month. You can look up news by stock symbol or set up tabs with keywords.

    If your interested, send me a email and I'll send you my contact there. He might offer you a free month to test it out. I can also send you a screen shot if you like.

  4. Do they offer API?
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    I use the free version of benzinga not the best but free they lean a little left so you have to kind of ignore that.
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    These questions are better for the salesman there. I don't want to post his info here. If anyone sends me an email, I'll send you his contact information. Or, you can call the main number and ask for Fred.

  9. They do offer API. Newsedge is a GUI displaying the news data. They have another program called NewsTrade API. That is what you are looking for. They are the best in the business in news accumulation at ultra low latency. Only other alternative is to subscribe to several feeds and accumulate them all into a database, etc etc.
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