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Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by Feezar25, May 23, 2008.

  1. Feezar25


    Hi all,

    Im newbie here. been trading option for 3 years. And only today discover this great forum.

    I have one question. Does anybody know where I can get free live streaming Java chart (similar to I use to get from optionXpress but they no longer provided such chart since yesterday (not sure why). Really appreciate if anybody could help me out here. Sorry if I ask dumb question.

    -Happy Trading-
  2. Liger86


    Take $5 stick it into that optionsXpress account and you'll have access to their streaming java charts,

    but why oh why do you want JAVA!?!?!?... :confused:
  3. piezoe


    Thinkorswim in Chicago. Best Options broker, Best Broker, Terrific (FREE) JAVA platform. People that make disparaging remarks about JAVA, ignore them. That was then, when MSFT was trying to fu** with JAVA. This is now, and JAVA rocks! :D
  4. Indeed it does. Run on Win, Linux or MAC. Java is mature, robust, reliable and actually quite fast.

    What is the number one language skill on adverts for programmers ? Java. What is the number one language for free open source projects on Sourceforge ? Java. Which modern language runs on more devices in the world than any other ? Java. Web development ? Java.

    The anti Java stuff is just plain silly.
  5. sg20


  6. I disagree. That part of your statement is subjective, at best.
  7. ... err no it isn't. I've written quite a lot of Java for trading purposes ~ 100K lines, and it is not subjective. My background is C/C++ development on Unix. Yes, Java is not as fast as C, but so what - you will get the job done a lot sooner and it will probably be more reliable.

    Java code is also much much more secure than C/C++ code by way of design.
  8. Can't argue with you there, that was the point I was making. I think few will argue that Java *can* be "safer" and "more reliable" for certain situations. Execution speed, however, is subjective at minimum to the programmer, the end user, and to the job you are trying to accomplish.

    No disrespect to a fellow code monkey, but your blanket statement is just not quite true in this case, and I had to say something. :)
  9. mark2

    mark2 is quite reasonable....and cost is very very low.. one drawback is that the chart is small