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    Please help, I'm looking for a basic service that provides streaming real time data charts for Dow Jones Indexes (e.g. Dow Jones Utilities, Global Dow). I don't need historical data, screeners, algorithms and etc. My budget is up to $50 p/m.

    I know Tradingview and Stockcharts is popular but after signing up for TradingView, their market data option for Dow Jones Indexes is only delayed data! Their FAQ states: "At the moment Tradingview has no real time data for DJI instrument".

    Does Stockcharts have this limitation? Or do you recommend any other providers?
  2. Robert Morse

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    Why does your trading platform not offer that?
  3. misti

    misti , real time charts.........if you want real time options TC2000 which is the paid website ,,,,, all togheter around 60.00 per month
  4. webmal


    I'm Australian and I'm using several CFD trading platforms, none offer Dow Jones Indexes (real time or otherwise).
  5. ZBZB

    ZBZB might do this for $19.99 a month. They use free data from Bell Direct, Comm sec and Anz as well as US brokers.
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    Well, if you ever want to trade US markets, we have many accounts from Australia but you would be subject to PDT rules and limited to no more than 4X for Reg-T and 6.67x for PM.
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  8. ZBZB

    ZBZB would be $10 a month if you did not trade through them. If you do not like the IB charts then it can be used as a data feed for Medved trader or sierrachart.
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  10. hayman


    I too would highly recommend IB for your streaming data ($10/mo) and Medved Trader for highly customizable charts ($ 20/mo or $ 15/mo if you pre-pay for the year). Medved is amazing and provides you with charting, trading (both platform trading independence and data feed independence), scanning, portfolio mgmt, and tons of other features, and is second to none in terms of their support.
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