StreamBase - heard of it?

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  1. Any view on their software? seems very interesting.. anyone here ever used it? seems it can do alot of things.. price?

  2. Interesting customer/investor base


    "In-Q-Tel Makes Strategic Investment In StreamBase To Fuel Complex Event Processing
    Strategic Investment Fund For The Central Intelligence Agency Adds StreamBase To Prestigious Portfolio Of Leading-Edge, Innovative Companies
    BOSTON, MA – February 12, 2007 — StreamBase Systems, Inc. today announced a strategic investment and technology advancement agreement with In-Q-Tel, the independent strategic investment firm that identifies innovative technologies to support the missions of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the broader Intelligence Community (IC). StreamBase is the leading provider of high-performance Complex Event Processing (CEP) software. With this additional support, StreamBase will further advance capabilities including unmatched performance, the easiest and most flexible programming, and the broadest persistence options for integrating real-time and historical data.

    "We are a strong believer in the current value and future impact of StreamBase's high-performance Complex Event Processing software and the substantial benefit it offers to the Intelligence Community and to our country," said Troy M. Pearsall, In-Q-Tel's Executive Vice President of Technology Initiatives. "StreamBase is an exciting company delivering software that is powerful and sustainable, proven through the company's repeated successes in the commercial sector. In-Q-Tel is pleased to provide the Intelligence Community with access to StreamBase's platform for building next-generation stream processing applications."
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  4. Thanks for posting that info. It actually gave me an idea about pursuing something I hadn't even thought of.
  5. No problem.....btw, I already beat you to it...LOL! Get in line behind me! :D