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    what are some good trading stratgies for a new trader to use?
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    buy low, when low is low enough, when you can actually trade others' fear, use a tight stop, let your reward go at least 3x your risk, scale out higher up the money tree.

    Forget about the outcome of any one trade. It's meaningless.

    Judge your performance over a minimum of 10 trades. Only trade when your setup appears.

    Leave the rest to the crowd, i.e., the trend followers chasing breakouts.

    And remember, the greatest reward can only lie where significant risk is present. But you have to master risk first.

    Trading is 90% risk mgmt, 90% mind power and 90% entry.

    No sarcasm intended

    All the Power to You.


  3. ever thought about position trading ?
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    explain position trading?
    • Gather all the strategies together you'd like to trade. Make a list.
    • Trade all of them on a real-time simulator for a few weeks. Note which method was used for each trade.
    • At the end of the period tally up the results. See what works for you. See what you like.
    • Now simulate a few more weeks with the good one(s). Work on position sizing.
    • Profitable? Use real money. If not, design new systems and try again.
  5. blb078, tell me this..... do you know anything about technical analysis ?

    youre starting to remind me of myself when i started trading, i knew absolutely nothing and it wasnt anything nice !

    i shouldnt have been trading
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    i know little about techincal analysis, basically i would if you would ask if i do or don't know, put me in the don't know category.

  7. i really cant comprehend what you said in the post above but i think you are saying that you don't know about it.

    if that is true, dont trade yet. i'm telling you from experience -- dont do it.
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    as far as discovering money making opportunities, all you have to do is find useful indicators that you are comfortable with and watch the market day in and day out. after 6 months of that, you will know exactly how to make money.

    you don't have to be a genius to figure it out -- you just need to be very perceptive. always look at the price movement for what it is -- people's emotions and the reactions that they have when things go right and wrong.
  9. Funky,

    You got the right idea. As you say, you really have to be perceptive. About your 6 months, I believe some people could do this in a few days, some in 6 months, some in 6 years, many not in a lifetime. It simply depends on your "perceptiveness".
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