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    Is anyone here using StrategyRunner (SR)? I'd consider using it but I'm concerned about loading my IP on to their servers. I suppose I could encrypt and obfuscate the code but that will probably only slow down someone determined enough.

    It's been awhile since I've spoken to them but I recall them being based in Israel. Not that I'd ever know it, but if they were using my IP or piggybacking off of trades I can't imagine I'd be able to do much about it w/an Israel-based firm.

    I'd appreciate comments from anyone who is using SR or has evaluated it closely.

  2. Been using it for years, no problems here.
  3. I have been using them they seem preety good
    But i am a small time trader but their stops are on the server which is preety good
    Can any one tell me what is the best platform to use if he is trading a $25000 K just for future and how safe are these firm like
    Glofal future
  4. Can you use stops at the exchange ?
  5. I have no idea
    the stop on their server is good cause some time when your connection is down and the market move,s against you the stop will be there .
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    From the low # of responses and the threadjack questions about using stops I'm getting the impression that established professional traders aren't using SR. Is there anyone on ET running managed acct or fund AUM through SR?

    Has anyone started and then stopped using StrategyRunner? How was your IP handled? Are you confident that your strategy was removed from their servers?
  7. StrategyRunner

    StrategyRunner Strategy Runner, Ltd.

    Hey Lou,
    Strategy Runner has been coding strategies for more than 8 years and has had no issues - surf the web and see for yourself.

    Strategies are protected by four levels of security:
    1. Brokers' firewall
    2. Parameters file and permissions management
    3. Your personal Strategy Runner password
    4. No source code is stored on the server

    You can read full security measures here:
    or contact:
  8. bluelou


    I'm not so concerned about someone else stealing my code. I'm concerned about YOU stealing my code.

    What happens if I out run StrategyRunner and no longer want my code on your servers? How can I be assured that it's been removed?

    Can I place my own server at StrategyRunner where my code won't be commingled with anyone else's? If so, how much do you charge for this?
  9. StrategyRunner

    StrategyRunner Strategy Runner, Ltd.


    As for your strategy security:
    We use NDA for each of our development projects. It has served 1000s of customers well. Take a look...

    As for strategy hosting:
    YES - we offer both dedicated and partitioned servers depending on the client needs/budget.

    feel free to ping us to talk more
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    You're based in Israel, right? What good will an NDA do me there? Who do I talk to at SR?
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