StrategyDesk replacement? Think or Swim is vastly inadequate

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by redgreen, Nov 12, 2012.

  1. redgreen


    I need to find a similar platform as SD is going away soon. SD is amazing and TOS is about 1/10th as useful and is very slow (data is a few seconds behind SD when both open) and overall annoying to use. Esignal looks OK, Lightspeed is OK but charts suck. I'm looking for something as good as SD, or at least similar charts, level II, options grids, displays, alerts, easy order setups, and ability to separate windows. Anyone ideas? Thanks.
  2. For real? Where did u hear that? And how long is soon?


  3. redgreen


    Unfortunately TD confirmed. On schedule for 2013, and was supposed to happen already by now. I've been a heavy user of SD for years now and not having it will be a problem and delay learning another, probably less useable, platform. Looking for something comparable in the meantime.
  4. redgreen


    Anyone with SD experience who found a comparable replacement?
  5. david77


    Now that SD is finally gone, I too am looking. So far, TOS seems inadequate. Did you find anything wothwhile?