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  1. well i wont lie i do not know shit,, about options,, well a bit,, but is it possible to know where abnormal institutional or insider purchasing of puts or calls is being done and with what stocks? all rude or helpful comments appreciated,
  2. o and for the long shot that one kind sole will aid me in my question,,, where would i seek that info? thanks in advance.

  3. Yeah, someone tell me were to find that information, so I can turn my 10,000 savings into millions in a few months by buying calls after I have access to this insider information. I would retire at 31 and buy my own island.....
    If the insider purchasing of calls and puts were constantly available to the public, well now it really wouldn't be inside info would it?

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  4. May I suggest June 30 calls on SBUX. I can't give any more information at this time, but you shall be rewarded big time. :cool:
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    They claim to have that information. check out