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    Joe, join the yahoo group ( Someone has posted a nice bit of code to pre-load orders. If you take that bit and replace the submit with submit2, you should be able to do at least 50 orders per second.

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  2. I just spoke with Paul Anderson (the only SLK guy that knows anything about this). He is sending me the new code syntax. He said that this new submit2 order will max out at 7 - 10 orders per second (depending on the server) not 50 as you had mentioned. I got this info str8 from the horses mouth. It is still a great improvement from submit which maxed at 1 order per second, but it is not fast enough to arb large baskets of stock like tradefactory! First time I actually learned something new on
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    Come one Joe ! I DO IT EVERY DAY !! 50 orders per second IS possible. You are invited to watch it should you be around Amsterdam.

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  4. Im just telling you what Paul at redi told me......I will let you know what speed i get but their one API guy said 7-10 orders per second max.....he also said to check your blotter each time you submit orders, because unlike submit, submit2 will not throw a pop up to alert you if an order was rejected for any reason, so you have to view the blotter. I hope you know what you are talking about over there, 50 orders per second would be much better!
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    maybe the redi guys have never tried "pre-loading"orders. there is code on the yahoo group that exactly does that, and that could also be a reason why my submission speed is much higher compared to what the redi people claim.

    Redi support really sucks. :mad: I have not been able to get a proper documentation for their full API. Just browsing through the object library in VBE will show you the depth of functions buried within the acticeX module in redi.

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