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    I am currently using MACD along with a few other indicators. I am reading that RSI may be better. Any opinions? Thanks
  2. My opinion? Drop the indicators. Use S/R and pivots. Simple works. Maybe not every time. But that's why stops reduce your risk.
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    you will get all kinds of answers here.
    not all of them are useful.
  4. I use RSI.
    Forget the complicated nonsense that gets written about it, and use it in its simplest application: over 50 means the thing being measured is rising in the timeframe chosen, under 50 means it's declining.
    The other rule is just as simple and stupid: if you're using MA's, the MA period should match the RSI period. If you're using 10, use RSI on 10 too.
    That's it. All the other fluff built around it is a waste of time.