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Discussion in 'Forex' started by SalC, Mar 22, 2003.

  1. SalC


    Hello all,
    I recently read an article on elitetrader that described the "evolution" of a trader from discretionary trader, to technical trader, to strategy trader

    It was an interesting article and I can definitely relate to the discretionary and technical trader! And as the article would predict, I have been losing money.

    The author recommends going to a purely objective method of trading based on backtested strategies and automated entries/exits. My question for all of you is: Is this available in forex? I have checked out the websites of TradeStation and eSignal, and it looks like neither supports the FX market (except for currency futures). I can't find any comparable software for the spot market.

    Does anyone know if such software exists?:confused:
  2. fortuna


    I did it with excel and bloomberg , building my own programmes in VB.
  3. TS says they will have FX fairly soon. Admittedly they do have trouble living up to their time frames.