strategy to trade future.

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  2. My past performance attaching file.
  3. Very impressive - what's that, over 668% return during that month?
  4. that 's better than any wall street fund manager
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    I'm I reading this right?
    Did you turn 50k into over 350k in less than a month trading EURO, DAX and Crude Oil? (trading sometimes with 100 lots)

    Can I borrow some money?
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    It's pretty good but way too much risk. If you can afford to blow off $50k then it's a interesting exercise to see how high you can go. 70 lots on a 68k account, yeesh.

    I've been trading the EUR/USD futures recently and it's a beautiful market. Get the trend right and you'll get paid.

    I keep hearing about the DAX. Got to give it a try.
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    I'm surprised the ET squad hasn't come out to debunk you by now. They must be getting old and senile.

    Stuff like
    - how do we know it's not simulated account?
    - admit it, you're really Franz.
    - it's BS, we'll need to see stamped, audited trade confirmations.
  9. Long_Euro @ 1.2920
  10. Charle, Is this demo or live trading?

    Enquiring minds want to know :cool:

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