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Discussion in 'Trading' started by nealvan, Jan 10, 2008.

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    I think that economic conditions look pretty bleak and the probability of stocks reaching new highs are slim. My strategy is to short any rallies.

  2. go for it
  3. Tell us what and where you're going to go "short".
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    I'm going to short Google but not just yet.
    I'm going to wait for my set up. I double up last time with it.
  5. I like your strategy. I would include AAPL as another short candidate. It has a lot of room to fall and overowned by institutions.
  6. GOOG and AAPL? Why not go for weak charts. Financials, Lenders, REITs, Retailers. These charts all look like puke, I'd enter new shorts here when they try to touch their 50SMAs on low volume again.

    I'm short stuff like SHLD BSC AVB EK MAS VNO KIM HRB SLG ACAS EQR DDR LTD BX. Why short (relatively) strong charts like AAPL and GOOG when you got hundreds of broken charts out there with way lower risk?
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    Thanks for the tips..
  8. I would short that other stuff too. I would short them all. This is a terrible market to be long in. It will be like this all year till the 2008 elections are over with.
  9. Correct.
    You don't short strong stocks just because they have run up.
    You short the garbage stocks. I have been shorting housing, mortgage stocks Thornburg, Indy, Countrycrap, financials for the last 8 months(builders).
    There is still many short opportunities in housing stocks(BK's) will come for some of them. I short the gap up rallies and sell into any strength like yesterday. I buy the dips gap down when I can for intraday trades when I see opportunities for a pop to the upside. Overall my swing positions are SHORT.
    Recession and big write off coming from Citibank, more subprime.
    Learn to short correctly and make money.