Strategy that has a Positive Vega and Positive Theta most all the time

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    Hi guys,
    Ths is my first post, I have been trading with options for a while and I. I'm not a expert but I want to be.
    I saw a video in which the trade have a positive Vega and a positive Theta most of the time and price changes. Which strategy (or combination of) can be this?
    I think that the strategy is something related toa BWB.. What do you think?
    Please see the screen capture...
    As you can see if the price rises 5%-10%-15% the vega still positive ans theta also, and if the price fall -5% Theta and vega still positive and if proce falls 10%-15% theta still positive and Vega turns negative. I think it is a good strategy to try. What do you think?

    PD. Sorry for my bad english.
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