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  1. I am looking for objective feedback on Strategy Runner. I have been using Ninja Trader for the last year and want to try out something else, to compare to.

    I like the fact that SR has server based stops, unlike the simulated stops on NT which reside on your PC.

    I would appreciate some feedback. TIA. :cool:

  2. why not just subscribe to a demo?
  3. I like Strategy Runner.....and the trial feed via Man Financial is very fast as well. I has some issues with the charting, but otherwise, it's has a great interface with good performance. My only concern is.... will they stay around ? I've been asking around how many traders are using it, and the user base just doesn't seem to be very large. On the other hand, tech support has been very people, fast response.
  4. I use SR and like it a lot. The server stops are a great benefit. I use pats feed and have only seen 1 down period for about 10 minutes in the past year. The charts are not all that compared to Trademaven but they do the job. Like the other poster said, download the demo and try it for yourself before you switch.
  5. I will definitely take a look. I just want to get some preliminary feedback before downloading the software and such. I actually spent about 1/2 hour going through SR website and I like everything except the layout of the software. I looks as though it is in "1 large layout with windows within that can't be detached and moved around". I hope that make sense? I use NT right now and I have just a DOM up and the rest of the program minimized which is really important now because I have 3 19"'s and I need as much screen space as possible for charting. I am working on getting a 4th screen, but that probably won't happen for about a month.

    I just don't like the fact that on NT some stops sit on your computer. I have had 1 problem, which could have been serious, already with this happening. Thanks for the info folks. Oh and now Velocity Futures offers SR so I think the customer base may grow a little atleast. :p I have my account there currently.

  6. Does Velocity charge for the SR platform or is there a platform rebate for a certain level of trading volume ?
  7. I don't know. Anthony just casually mentioned they just got it recently, about 2 months ago I believe.
  8. virgin



    Pats feed from which broker ?
    How is the feed doing in fast markets ?
  9. I am starting to wonder about these guys. 2 days ago I applied for a trial. No phone call or e-mail? Flakes. Not good. Server based stops sound good, but flakiness is not. I will probably go back to Ninja Trader. Atleast the contact me when I need something.
  10. Something is wrong....that has not been my experience with them....especially email...always answered within 12-24 hours.
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