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  1. So whats your take on this platform guys/girls?

    Ive been trying it out via Velocity futures...i really seem to like the chart trading option.

    just trading off them charts seems so great.

    Commisions are high though - at about about $6.33 roundturn, cant seem to find anyone lower. (on CME E mini SP500)

    For X trader TT subscribers, its about $4.20 per roundturn - but subscription is about $1250 per month.

    So with only $43,000 to put down as trading capital, maybe Strategy runners higher commisions are ok?...

    And whats your guys experiance with execution/slippage on this platform? How does it compare to trading off X trader TT (Especially E minis)

    Look forward to the replies

  2. tried out demo or live feed ?

    What about stability, reliability of the feed ?

    Did you compare the SR feed with other feed ?
  3. Its all paper/demo at the mo

    I want to test these platforms before i go live.

    The feeds seem ok and stable.

    U have any live experiance?
  4. This broker has lower commissions if you're using Strategy Runner Lite:
    To trade the E-mini Nasdaq or S&P E-mini's costs only $4.30 round turn ($2.15 per side) with the exchange and clearing fees included.

  5. Broker commissions can vary using Ninja/Zen but Mirus has $4.40 rt rates (ES) and Ninja subscription is $50/mo or you can buy it outright for $900. I haven't used them, but AMP is $4.60, if I remember correctly.