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Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by frogy, Feb 12, 2004.

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    And while I am in the middle of bailing from IB (too unreliable)
    and considering J trader: has anyone had any experience with Strategy Runner. I know it is C++ instead of Java, which appeals to me, and also has OCO functionality.

  2. I have strategy runner with global futures, I also have an account with IB too. I like IB better than SR. Good thing with IB is every thing is on one page, there are no child windows such as in SR you will have to open child window to place your orders. I only use manual order entry part of it and don't use strategy part.

    I never had trouble with IB except previous two occasions one at last fed meeting and second is yesterday after greenspan finished, IB lost ebot feed.

    The reason I trade with global futures is that they offers 500 dollar margin for emini sp, while IB requires 2000.

    Cost of trading with SR is higher. Mine is 7:50 round turn per contract and IB charges 2:40 and IB potentially going down beginning this march.
    You can try SR for two weeks to see if you like it.
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    Thanks for the feedback. I have just had too much trouble with IB going down this past fall and just recently (Fed and employment report). And since I trade Notes on the reports this is critical. Switching the windows is really no problem since I only trade one market.
  4. Interestingly I never had any trouble with IB except these two mentioned occasions. My TWS never crashed. I also trade notes and good feed is vital. I am also wondering about recent outages and don't know if it is IB or the ebot itself. Remember ebot is very new system. Generally I am not dissatisfied with IB. But you must try SR before you go with other broker.
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    I had several outages this fall when the notes were on ACE.
    On big volatile report days: the days I trade.

    I just can't keep hoping IB will not fail during high volatility reports.

    Maybe TT?
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    I've used SR with Advanced Futures for a while now. I use the market pane window which is similar to the dome window in j trader. It's all one click and very stable/reliable.
  7. I too use S/R and am with Global Futures and I really like it. I am mostly a newbie and have very little experience with other platforms. I do not use the Strategys either but like the service and the OCO with. I suggest you try their 2 week trial which you can get at Good luck
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    I know the eCBOT had a couple of delay issues last month when they first switched, but it was definitely not the eCBOT during those two occasions. I use X-trader and the feed was working fine on both those occasions.
  9. It'd be nice if they would add more indicators to their charts rather than just having MA's. Anyone ever use the reverse trade? How fast is the fill and are you satisfied with the prices you're getting?
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    Thanks for the info. I have tried the Strategy Runner demo for a couple of days and like it a lot. I hope it is as robust as it feels.

    And bye bye Java!
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