Strategy Runner test

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    Author of this e-mail tested Strategy Runner from RCG ,which
    incorporated CME rule first in first out for paper game .

    1. For approx 5 b.d. platform was blocked by virus 3 -time
    In case of virus attac
    a. DOME can be in display only in first plan ,all another trading platform only behead
    b. after some time DOME can not be managed not shut down
    all another platfoorms work behead DOME

    2. Today at 3.45 NY -4.15 NY time position by ERTU5 and ESU5
    was not possible close with market ,limit or any orders
    not to reverse .

    All another trading platform as Ameritrade ,Optionsxpress ,both used
    java push as
    work this time on equal terminal good.

    Question -can expect lite version java push based SR
    without downloading .

    Author would very pleased for answer.

    P.S. 4.34 NY time not possible to close ,open revers position with any order by DOME by ertu5 and esu5