Strategy runner disconnects

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by cohvi, Feb 26, 2008.

  1. cohvi


    I've been playing with Strategy Runner Trial version for a while now and I can tell you 2 things:

    1. it keeps on disconnecting every couple of minutes (no, it's not my internet connection).
    2. Their support does not reply to emails.

    Not recommended.
  2. You are on a demo feed..

    What broker ?
  3. Lorenzo


    Strategy Runner is pure bullshit
  4. Strategy Runner itself or with some brokers ? a live or demo account ?
  5. Lorenzo


    Strategy Runner itself

    Use Ninja Zen-Fire through Mirus or AMP. Actually is the best solution you can find in this business
  6. cohvi


    The Strategy Runner demo version is connected through Man Financial. Very nice platfrom but one can not evalute it when it keeps on disconnecting and there is no support to be found.

    About ninja trader:
    I need a DDE connection to the DOM, or maybe some API.Ddo they have such a thing?
  7. Is is not because the demo is disconnecting all the time that the live platform will.
  8. wait until you go live.

    you'll be cursing blue.....

    especially when you take a day position, and the systems drop, as you described, and the brokerage does not pick them up again for next day's trading,

    thus making the presumed order both lost for that day, and an overnight position exposed to market movements, and then finally a ghost order, as your positions management no longer know that you have a position on the books at the brokerage and not on the software.

    go figure.

    fancy windows, no body home...hollow software....