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  1. Hi, I am a new trader I usually trade in intraday please let me know if there are any strategy or tips I can follow.
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    step 1 - throw all your savings into QQQ and hold;
    step 2 - get job training, double your salary, and throw all additional money into QQQ and hold;

    make sure your buy more if it corrects 20, 30, 40%, never sell on fear;

    financial freedom in 10 years, almost guaranteed; the next 10 years are the 4th - 6th innings of the AI revolution.

    trading is a waste of time.
  3. Why?

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    To evaluate any idea or strategem, you need to evaluate how, where, *whether* it might fit in your trading regime. You need a standard.

    The standard you want is the expected value of any given trade -- its expected wins against its expected losses.

    You want to google "trading expectancy" first, and then work within that framework and aim for capital retention, AND THEN aim for capital growth.

    ((Not well written -- apologies... :( ))
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    In some ways this is good advise like 2008 especially of you can't trade, but what if it is close to 1929? Won't have a job and be in a soup line daily. What are the chances of another 2008, a big fat zero.

    AI is going to be a fade like other ways to trade though the years, except for charting which I know of being in 1880's, has anything survived for any length of time? So many doing AI, methods will become shorter and shorter as it runs out of useable patterns and if you can read charts well, it be around another 140 years.
  6. When was the last time qqq dropped 20 to 40%?

    How many times has it done this in past 60 years?
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    95% pros can't beat SPY long term.. 99% can't beat QQQ long term... so 'you can't trade' basically applies to everyone except the very very few.

    'a big fat zero' is only in your head right :)... nobody knows for sure of course... but fundamental/sentimental numbers do support for another big run.
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    I laid out the math and keep asking the question what the f are people waiting for and nobody answers lol.....
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  9. dozu888,

    The questions I asked are fair question for the OP to weigh his options to day trade or save his money for buy and hold.

    Let's say he chooses to buy and hold. What if the 20-40% drop never happens or happens XX years from now.

    So, when were the times the QQQ had a 20-40% drop?
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    A win-win.

    You are in because you bought at X. It goes up.

    If it does not drop, you are net positive.

    If it drops 20-40%, you buy some more to average down, thus lowering your cost basis. It goes back up, and thus you make more money by HODLR

    There are two things that can make the market collapse to zero with no recovery.

    Global thermonuclear war, and a 20-mile wide asteroid slamming into the planet at 1/10,000th the speed of light. Not even that. Well, hell, at any speed. It would be bad.

    Neither of those are likely to happen in our lifetime. So long the QQQ and don't worry about it.:)
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