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  1. Hello, I am new to the forum and inexperienced in trading markets. I would like to invest in automated trading and after reviewing Collective 2 site I found the site to be confusing with too many systems/markets traded and difficult to find a system. I also found a site called Strategy Exchange and was wondering if anyone has experience with them and which platform they run on.

    I'd appreciate any tips from actual users and any how credible this site performance is.
  2. Sorry, don't know anything about "Strategy Exchange" ...

    But here is another one to look at:

    (My disclaimer: I have no connection with GEStrading, and can't vouch for the company in any way ... it's just a site I stumbled across, and might be of interest to you given your post)
  3. Thanks.
    I can see GEStrading systems listed but they do not seem to be profitable. I would hope this means that Strategy Exchange is credible and I can continue with my plan to use systems there that look more impressive. I would appreciate if a user of Strategy Exchange can verify this and give me any tips of systems that work and any reason to stay away. I have already funded an account but have found no credible sources.
    I checked NFA site and have found that Strategy Runner is certified. Is that enough to proceed? I need your help!
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    Seems like a scam, it doesn't make any sense that they are selling those signals - just look at those returns (very decent by any standard).
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    I think Strategy Exchange will allow you do a week of free simulated trading on any system. Did you run any systems in simulation yet and compared the results to what they report?
  6. Thanks olias,
    That is a bright idea. I just noticed that there is a demo registration on their site.

    I have chosen the 5 maximum strategies available for a demo and I will check and update the forum.
  7. I was looking for slightly better than "looks like.....". I am starting to be suspicious as no-one on the forum has actual experiences they can share. Either SE is suspicious or forum is not in the know.... I will only invest time and not money until I can get a better feeling. I still need your help.

    While i appreciate your response I see that most of their systems really suck but in comparison with Collective2 I only have 516 to compare instead of 10000+. When I say suck I see that the high P&L% strategies seem to have the long tracking I am looking for to make a decision but have high Max DD% as well. The ones I am looking at do not show in first 10 strategies or even first 30 offerings. I am using the filters and noticed nicer equity curves with lower drawdowns when focusing on risk/reward column. I hope to know better this week after registering for a demo. It was free and I will update the forum in return for some actual information I(we) can use.
  8. I finally registered for a demo for systems listed on Strategyxchange. It took me a while to find the right systems and I found 12 I would consider. To my surprise I was only available to register for a maximum of 5 systems. This caused me to narrow down my original selection of 12.

    I received a welcome letter minutes after registration and successfully logged in. I see the systems run on Strategy Runner platform which I was not aware of from looking at the strategyxchange website. My friend confirmed that this is a certified platform and registered with NFA. I wish someone would have told me this so I will share with you.

    I did not see trading results on my first day (Thursday) and thought it was broken. The systems did finally execute on Friday and they managed a small profit. I also found 2 systems that were way too risky that I now know I will not use. I suppose that high rewards come with higher risks.

    I checked strategyxchnage website and found Friday's results recorded accurately today (Monday) for winning and losing systems alike. I am quite relieved with confirming this and thank those who directed me taking a demo in the first place for being able to confirm some sort of credibility and for helping me chose systems I can hopefully rely on and systems I will stay away from.

    I still would like to hear of others using systems on strategyxhcnage and any recommendations for specific vendors and systems. In return I will share some of the strategies that I am looking at and ones I would stay away from for forum benefit. 11 days left in demo so I hope to learn and share more.

    Thanks Forum!
  9. I am currently developing Strategy on StrategyRunner platform.
    I am planning to offer it on Strategy Exchange soon. Will update you on the status.