Strategy evaluation steps?

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  1. Konradp


    I’d like to ask what steps You take while testing Your trading strategy.
    Of course backtesting, monte carlo, other common steps but maybe there is something extra You use. I recently found that testing strategy with different starting date helps a lot in determining how it behaves.
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  2. deaddog


    I spend my time trying to prove it doesn't work.
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  3. Ditto. What you're "left with" is worth consideration.
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  4. rb7


    1) Optimization and backtesting
    2) Backtesting with out-of-the-sample dataset (data not included in previous step)
    3) If results are good, analyze if forward data was use in 1 and 2 (or any other type of error)
    3) Paper trading (real-time)
    4) Real-money trading with small volume
    5) Real-money trading with full account $$

    Most of people go from 1 to 5, and fail.
  5. Raheel Shaikh

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    Start of with a 3 step process
    • First watch your educational content once
    • Second time watch and take notes and do some testing on the charts (live and bactesting)
    • Third time watch it and pick up all the details you missed while reading the charts

    Then start by building a trade plan
    its okay to trade a small capital at the start to understand emotions
    80% emotions while trading

    Then when you start back-testing build a data sample
    eg: number of trades, time of the day, note down what time you faced the most losses, note down your emotions while trading live and understand why it happened, have a spread sheet to keep all the data, SR and RR.

    Once you have enough data to go live then you start
    live testing on a small live account and see how it work
    collect data( the market is never the same, so don't just rely on the back-tested data)

    Then its a constant Refine, Refine, Refine process, till the end.
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  6. lindq


    And by the time you get to #5, your system will have run its course as evidenced by an immediate drawdown...and you get to start all over again.
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  7. trader1974


    Practice until your brain melts.
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  8. deaddog


    Are traders with melted brains more likely to be profitable?
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  9. Are you trying to capture beta or find alpha?
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  10. Konradp


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