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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by wchillman, Dec 23, 2008.

  1. wchillman


    Elite Traders,

    TD Ameritrade has a trading platform called Strategy Desk that appears to do much of what other platforms do and it's free for TDA clients whereas most of the other platforms discussed on Elite Trader cost money. I've looked but can't find any reference to it. I'm assuming that there is a reason for that and I'm curious why that is. I'd rather not learn a new software package if I will find it inadequate in some way in the future. Is there any reason why I shouldn't Strategy Desk over many of the popular platforms discussed on this site?

    Your thoughts, please.

  2. cgrey2


    I've used strategy desk for a year. I like the software a lot; however, I'm looking for an alternative. I day trade and something changed with their quote streaming service this Fall. Quotes would freeze, charts took minutes to update. And then the program would run normally. Hard to day trade under those conditions. I've contacted customer service a number of times, and they said customers in some areas are having these types of problems. The comissions are more than you would pay at some other online brokers as well.