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    I've been configuring Strategy Desk for a week. I would like to make an automated model based on moving averages or something that emulates parabolics. The simplicity of the console is great, but there could be a better set of definitions for formulas, ie (NumTriggered %) I know (NumTriggered) can be used to reset a function, but what is it, (NumTriggered % 2 = 0 or 2 = 1) My backtest averaged 80 % based on MA crossovers. I'll keep everybody notified as to what's up.
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    I'd like to know if this is a new platform, or did TD buy a platform from some 3rd party vendor, and if so, which one?
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    It's possibly Think Tech Inc
  4. they recently bought stock watch pro software.
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    The Strategy Desk's back test is not reliable.
    They sometimes buy or sell one bar before the actual event
    (i.e. MA crossover), which increases the profit dramatically
    This problem should be corrected before any P/L is calculated.
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    I experimented a bit with the automated trading function. Anyone out there using this to place trades? It seems that it's impossible to automate a limit order, as it seems to force you to enter an actual price in the limit field. Is there any way to use the LAST price or LAST+.04 for a limit price with this program? Or maybe BID or ASK or something like that?

    It seems quite silly to require that you enter an actual price, considering this is supposed to be an automated trading platform, and you aren't going to know in two hours what price the stock will be trading at, so how can you enter an actual price in the Limit field?

    I don't think I want to be sending market orders all over the place, so how does one automate a limit order with Strategy Desk?

    The documentation that comes with the program is pitiful, as you may have
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    How reliable are the backtest results from this platform?? Has anyone done a comparison side by side with another backtesting program like tradestation?? It would be interesting to compare the results of the exact same strategy.
  8. I also have been playing with this last few days. The strategy was a simple moving avg crossover from 3/15/06 to 3/15/07 on numerous volatile stocks. However, the result seems unreliable as I found that it skipped months of testing from 6/15/07 to early March '07. I also had it on during mkt hours today to send me alerts and it seemed the time it sent alerts and the time it showed to have carried out those transactions on charts differed. Also, the chart doesnt automatically indicate when to buy/sell. You have to constantly run the strategy again to have the chart show where it'd buy/sell, which defeats the whole purpose of automating. So far, in my opinion, this software is useless as it has a few bugs. My test results showed well over 200% gain during the period. I knew it was too good to be true. I'll update again if I can get this to work properly.
  9. I think when you select "Limit" order when you set up the trade, Select "offset" under the type. That will allow you to use an offset of a penny or two from either the bid or the ask or the last even I think.
  10. My father has a TD A. account and I tried that backtest one time. All I can say is "I doubt it" regarding their results.

    I use SIERRA, I am sure you could find something a little more professional before you risk a dollar of your own money.
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