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    I would like your candid opinion of this platform. I have had problems with it but have never used a different autotrader, so I have no basis for comparison. Message me if you wish to say something privately, and I will keep it private. Recommendations for alternatives would also be appreciated, but I am committed to Strategy Desk for now. Incidentally, I did a search here, but there were few references to SD and one can't input a two-word quoted phrase by this site's search feature, meaning you will get many superfluous results. Thank You.
  2. I kind of liked it coming from a programming background. Backtesting works pretty well on daily, you can make your own indicators pretty easy.. but it doesn't do futures which is where I'm at now.
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    sledgeyum, yes, but you know backtesting is not realistic as it executes orders away from the strict formulas? Have you used limit orders? I've made improvements to enable limit orders. Do you know what offset means and how to use it? In a separate thread I shall request book recommendations on autotrading.
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    I regret not getting more replies here, which must mean no one is using Strategy Desk. Someone has told me that if limit orders are used, they must execute INSTANTLY or the platform will revert to the other side of the trade (which already executed), so if a sell liimt order is triggered and the stock momentarily dips then, you've got trouble ever getting a sell of your buy unless you manually reset it. Is that true? Could it be true? That would make the program useless because we all know market orders are for suckers. Please respond, and again with alternatives where such stupidity is definitely not true.
  5. I love SD, it's my favorite. I have not used it for fully automated trading though...
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    Is SD still supported? I checked their site and it is not listed under their trading tools. It can be found in other areas, but seems it is not promoted by the firm.
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    I only use limit orders when liquidity is an issue. If you want to buy, then buy. If you want to sell, then sell.
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    calhawk01, for what do you use it? It is supposed to be an autotrader. Jamest, TDA is phasing out SD and it will be replaced by Prodigio after they more fully integrate thinkorswim. TDA claims SD should not be used with limit orders and some other autotrading vehicles are the same, which boggles my mind since without a limit order you are putting yourself at the mercy of marketmakers unless you trade only in the extended hours. Agree? etile, I didn't notice your answer since it was on page two. Isn't liquidity an issue with most stocks, i.e., there will be blank spaces on one-minute candlestick charts for most stocks?
  9. does anyone have any info on why they are discontinuing SD? is their replace trade architect?
  10. this s/w is a piece of garbage. and i say it in a nicest way possible. the signals you get while back testing and what you get when you run it live are so different it's not even funny. dont waste your time on this dog pile. there's a good reason why they're phasing this crap out.
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