strategy backtesting options

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Canuck2010, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. I am looking for a strategy back testing software package that will allow me to test a strategy I would like to use trading futures. Here is a list of my criteria:
    • I am not a computer programmer so am looking for something that is easy to learn and use (easy language)
    • The strategy uses –
    o multiple indicators (including Bollinger Bands)
    o multiple chart time frames
    o have entries based on high/low of previous bars
    o and targets at moving average levels.
    • It would be nice to be able to back test for at least five years
    • I want to test various futures markets
    • It should have comprehensive reports with relevant statistics (e.g. number of wins/losses, max drawdown, average profit/loss, etc.) as well as charts for me to see (and confirm) the trades.
    • Later I may want to back test other strategies with other parameters
    • It would also be nice to test these packages to determine if they meet my needs, therefore a free trial (1 week or 30 days, etc.) would also be beneficial
    If anyone has any advice or suggestions it would be greatly appreciated.