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    I am curious to see that there are virtually no comments on this software. I does automatic scanning of millions of strategy combinations. Almost no comments on other sites either, their own site has little activity.

    Any ideas why the lack of interest- seems a good tool to save time in strategy development, but apparently has not caught on at all-

  2. A good tool? No, it's extremely bad. A bunch of canned technical analysis stuff -- not very useful for making money.
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    I am using the trial version of stratasearch. I do agree it is a very good tool. It runs blazing fast when compared to wealth-lab and others. They have thousands of prebuilt entry and exit strategies but theres no guarantee it'll find you the best. If you have a bunch of strategies that you want to backtes tthen you can use this tool to d othat quickly...I like the dynamic walk forward strategy finding capability.
  4. Yes the software looks great and form what I have read it would be a benefit to most traders. But to be honest I downloaded the program and don't know that to do. I will they had some videos on how to work Stratasearch, am just reading along.
  5. The software does have movies in its help files.
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    Hi QQQ,

    Do you use StrataSearch??

    I just downloaded the demo,expecting a pumped up Omnitrader,but I can immediately see it is a far more sophisticated product and it appears those that do you use it are very sharp.I am judging from the users forum...

    Unfortunately,its a bit difficult to tell exactly what it does and how it is best used..

    Any thoughts??
  7. I contacted the owner a while back. Thought the product had some possibilities.

    I suggested to him that the big problem with this kind of product is conveying to traders what it could do.

    I suggested a couple of ways to do that..Lot of "yes thats a good idea" and "Yes I am thinking about that now"...but no action.

    Really it is typical of this kind of offering. Because many of you don't understand what to do with it, it will just sit there and languish or die a quiet death...

    Oh well.

  8. I downloaded it and found it very unuseful. Scanning endless stocks with endless technical analysis may find a system that works for the current set but probably won't work for anything else. In my mind, the robustness of a system is whether or not it can handle a variety of instrument types.

    It is also slow as hell - running software for 3 days (which is what they advice) doesn't make me want to use the software. Their brute force approach definitely turned me off.
  9. Can you say Curve-fitting? markets change...... so will a system.
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    Steve,how would you use it???
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