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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by l2tradr, Jul 26, 2008.

  1. l2tradr


    Anyone have any experience with it? I came across it over the weekend and it looks interesting...just downloaded the trial and trying to play around with it a little. A google search didn't yield many (if any) user reviews.

  2. taowave


    I think StrataSearch is one of the best products on the market,and certainly the most unique.I have used or demoed everything on the market,and SS is my favorite.

    I would strongly reccomend taking the Demo..
  3. l2tradr


    I downloaded it but couldn't figure it out. I like the idea though...
  4. syspool


    Can stratasearch be used for futures?

    Thanks, Felix
  5. syspool



    Thanks for the link. One should be able to pay te $60K for the program out of the profits!! A new marketing approach!

    Happy trading, Felix
  6. taowave


    Yes,the latest release can be used for futures

  7. taowave


    Its a very easy program to use.I would reccomend watching the learning videos.It is not a black box in any way,so you do have to put some time in.

    The developer is a great guy and 99.9% of the time responds the same day...

  8. How is SS any different than curve fitting?
  9. It can handle a variety of search techniques and development processes. Avoid the functions you think will have undesirable outcomes and use only those in Stratasearch more suited for you.
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