Strange video issue...

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by alanack, Mar 2, 2008.

  1. alanack


    I noticed running through a pdf. document that it was suddenly incredibly sluggish, taking up to five seconds to move a single page up or down. It also took this amount of time to close the file. I also get a warning beep from the computer itself(not throught the speakers) when I try to scroll far down quickly. I run two monitors using a Matrox G550 Millenium PCIe. Trying to isolate the problem, I moved the file to my left monitor from the right, and it, and other pdf.s, work fine. Others are sluggish on the right monitor. Is this video card on its way out, or could this be caused by something else? Thanks.

  2. kinar


    It sounds to me like the same thing that happens with some video cards when you have the default windows drivers installed for them.

    does it also scroll in IE "choppy"?

    Since you mentioned a 2nd video card, are you sure that you have the drivers installed for the 2nd card?

    But on the other hand, you mentioned "Is it about to go out?" which would imply it is a new problem. How long have you used the computer in this configuration (2 cards with multiple monitors)?
  3. Harware issues usually cause the blue screen of death, distorted image (loss of color spectrum) or the monitor goes blank. I'd look at the software first (uninstall then reinstall Adobe) then try a system restore (OS) if that dosen't work. Before doing a fresh install as a last resort, take the time to make sure everything is seated correctly on the motherboard. Still as you know, it could be something else.
  4. Also it wouldn't hurt to install the latest Matrox drivers for your video card
  5. alanack


    Thanks for the above questions/suggestions. I'm just using one video card, and have uninstalled the original video driver. I updated the Matrox driver, uninstalled and reinstalled Adobe Reader, and still have the problem. It is unresponsive only in a pdf., works fine in IE. So it's looking more and more like it's time for a OS reinstall, as it has been doing other funny stuff lately too. It's been about 20 months, which seems about as long as you can go before the operating system files become corrupted. Thanks.