Strange ticks at IB explained as intermarket sweeps

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by Apollo13, Nov 30, 2018.

  1. Apollo13


    I just had a rather strange tick go through on WDAY.
    It hit my stop but did not execute.

    I am glad it didn't and I am not complaining because the market continued to rise.
    It does screw with any TA though.

    Anyone wanting to look at it. It was at 10:02

    The bar is showing a large move down to below 159 and my stop was set above that. (long position).

    Interesting that the sales records showed no price at that level.

    When I rang the desk, the guy said that he could not see that price in the sales either.
    He said there could be a few reasons why.
    One was that it could be a late report from an exchange of an intermarket sweep.
    He also explained that it would not effect me as it was between specific participants.

    This is hard to understand. Apparently these orders are supposed to be flagged also but this was not in this case because it might have come from a dark pool.
    What exactly is going on here ?
    Why is this data in my feed ?

    edit: I am looking on my trading view feed but it's not on BATS ... what is going on here ?
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  2. d08


    Not new, happens from time to time. This is the reason you disregard bar tails that are too far from open/close.
  3. Apollo13


    No I am sure it's not new. But what does the IB explanation mean ...exactly.
  4. d08


    That the order either happened at a different time or the price was agreed upon on a different level. Either way you were not at risk for execution, so it does not really matter...
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  6. jonahern


    late report of dark pool print?
    add info from IB:
    Q = Market Center Official Open Price
    D = Distribution
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  7. jonahern


    late IEX prints
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    odd coincidence - just repeated them now:
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  9. jonahern


    the 13:20:05 showed up on my charts
  10. qlai


    This is a general statement, may not apply to this particular case. Some trades, based on exchange/sip provided sale conditions, are not eligible to set last price so they should/may not be used to trigger stops. However, each vendor decides if the trade is "chartable" or not. That's the reason your charts may show spikes but orders are not triggered.
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