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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Swan Noir, Jul 10, 2011.

  1. My cursor moves on its own. It simply moves all over the page, chart ... whatever. I have switched my mouse and am dealing with a clean computer. Any thoughts?
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    try a wired mouse. if that fixes it, then it's probably signal interference.
  3. Should have made it clear: I have tried both wired and unwired.

  4. I remember my laptop computer doing that years ago. I turned off the keyboard mouse and the problem disappeared.
  5. virus
  6. Try uninstalling mouse/keypad drivers and re-install. This has worked for me before.
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  8. Thanks all for your suggestions but nothing has worked. Reinstalled XP and started fro scratch. Problem remains. Any last ditch suggestions before I shop for a replacement?
  9. Laptops. Quirky. Don't care for 'em.
  10. Swan Noir,

    You never explicitly stated if it was a laptop. It intuitively seems easier to troubleshoot if it is a desktop, IMO. As far as I know, you'd have to go through a lot of trouble to remove the physical mouse from a laptop.

    Have a look at some other forums; some have indeed found it to be software. I would try my darndest to make certain the physical hardware (mouse) is completely detached to fully debug.

    In addition, there may be things you can do in the control panel to help diagnose. (i.e. try things like un-select enhance pointer precision, etc... selectively decreasing pointer control).

    If you suspect a virus, you could go to task manager and start removing processes that don't appear normal, and even get to the point of running something like combo-fix (neither would I advise, if you haven't worked on computers much).

    Good Luck,
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