Strange spikes using oanda Game

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  1. I've attached a screen shot from 2:53 pm 1- minute chart GMT. Can anyone confirm this action taken place..I'm fairly new to the trading game with around 7 months experience on demo accounts . Going by this screen shot would you say this was 'stop hunting' ?

    I feel I'm ready to open a real account with 20 Thousand GBP but it seem so difficult to find a reputable broker. I seem to get a lot of connection issues or trades taking a while to 'close out' when i know a good trade is about to unfold. I had similar experience with 'IG MARKETS' .

    I would say my style of trading is scalping so maybe that's is where my problem lies..

    I know most people lose when it comes to trading ,but I'm hoping with my strategies ( which include trying to workout how to avoid stop hunting ) i hope to make this a rewarding interest. ..
  2. i'm making a fortune on a demo (not onada) is it really this easy??

    ps i'm a futures trader crossing over
  3. Safe to say it was a 'strange' spike, probably just bad data either their end or your end. You could always ask on the Oanda forums if you're feeling brave :)

    It might also be worth having 3rd party charts up when trading so you can compare quotes.

    I won't comment on your plan to go straight from demo to live with 20k!

    Here are CMC's and Alpari's charts.....




  4.'s easier, things are a little crazy right now!
  5. As I said, my style of trading is scalping so it is very difficult to find a broker that doesn't mind me doing so ..I heard oanda were OK with regards to 'scalping' but if i have the 'disconnection issues' along with massive spikes that only last literally seconds then what hope have you got ..

    I'm just curious if the spikes i've highlighted are the same on other platforms at the same time frame? The other day i noticed a 50 pip move that lasted all off 5-8 seconds.. surely that cant be right (can it) ?

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  7. I don't see this spike on Oanda FXTrade (live platform). So it's probably bad data. You can ask Oanda to reverse trades wrongly executed by the bad data spike.
  8. The charts I posted are for the same time and time frame, 1m Gbp/Usd around 2.53pm.

    Oanda are fine with scalping but I doubt they're hunting your stops on a demo account, on demo anything goes :)
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    But seriously, it's like a dream where a busted ATM just keeps on spewing out cash.....that's forex for ya :D

  10. an ATM machine in my livingroom!
    ROFL! forex, where you been all my life! :D
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