Strange Silver action

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    i heard that ted butler just offed himself, lol
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  2. I wonder how many people out there have suffered losses blindly following the silver bugs advice ?

    I learned my lesson a few yrs ago

    now if I am long silver ( whether ETF or futures or via the miners )

    and the "dark side" chooses to keep selling then I sell to them
    anything that I think they might be long in to give them a taste of their own medicine

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  3. \

    silver bugs have all run to tin, because they believe that everyone will want hats like theirs
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  4. That's pretty funny!!

    Let's take it a step further.......would anyone care to offer up a price projection for the shiny stuff?

    No flaming guys it's just opinions!!:D

    I am not a "bug" of either, but I think silver is set to rise as paper comes back in line with physical and once they do, both possibly head higher over the next few months.
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