Strange Silver action

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  1. Has anyone got any ideas as to why the futures markets have silver trading in the 10-12 range while many if not most silver dealers won't sell or don't have any silver to sell.

    The ones that will, want 16-21oz saying there is a shortage in the physical markets and mints and such are have trouble filling orders. They all ask if I want to sell them some.

    I have heard a couple things, but want to hear from the ET forum.


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    I remember a week or two ago Kitco (and some other places) had notices on their web sites that gold was not available, but those notices have disappeared.

    One possible explanation to your query is that the paper precious metals market is bigger than the physical market.
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    you can buy 100 oz silver bars at 100 places for 11.50 an ounce right now

    conspiracy, moan, groan, manipulation moan....
  4. Plenty of people selling silver bars and 90% coins on Ebay.

    Comex warehouses as of 09/09/08 have 87 million oz of registered silver and 52 million oz of eligible silver.

    The shortage appears to be with the small stuff 1 oz to 10 oz, as it appears that 1000 oz bars are readily available.
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    meanwhile, who is waiting for silver in the 8's to buy?

    me me me
  6. Last time silver was in the 8's was Jan 2006.
  7. Case in point of how dangerous a long can be in a market (silver) that under performs the sector (metals) on the way up. A truly epic break.
  8. sometimes when the market makers , HF , IB dealers get too

    cocky ... I try to give them a little of their own medicine

    thanks boys for giving me a nice week at work

    KACHINGO !!!

  9. Nothing epic about it, the price is set by loons and manipulators. Recipe for insanity.

    And what are you referring to Seth Arb, kind of cryptic there. If you want to brag, tell us more ;-)
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