Strange question for traders at home

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  1. Hey.

    This might be a strange question :)

    Any type of traders who trade at home, and wake up and trade any market...My question is, what do you wear? How do you start your morning?

    Do you jump out of bed first thing in the morning, and head right to your trading station and trade? Do you first take a shower, eat some food, get dressed, then trade?

    I dout anyone puts on a nice suit and trade at home with slippers on! Hahah, that would be quite strange!

    Thanks, and have a good weekend everyone.
  2. wear?
  3. HAHA, I am sure some people do that!

  4. I wear my warm up pants/shorts and a T shirt. I take my showers in the afternoon, but wash my face with cold water just to make sure I am awake before I trade. Sometimes if I really need to I drink some green tea. I get up now an hour before NY exchanges open. I am considering buying my own eliptical trainer to work out in the morning to wake up and really get the circulation going before I starting scalping.

    It's funny you posted this question. My friend in Vegas that trades had a chance to meet Franz at the Vegas expo last year. He asked Franz what he does before he starts the day trading. Franz responded that he works out in the morning, takes a shower, eats a healthy meal and get dressed professionally, then reads charts an hour before the market opens and watches news. He then asked my friend what he does for his morning ritual. My friend replied he rolls out of bed 10-20 minutes before the market open and drinks a couple of diet cokes to wake up. Franz replied, good luck to you with that routine. I thought that was pretty interesting and informative. I have heard that some of the big pros in Chicago and NY get up a few hours before their respective opens.Hopefully, I wouldn't start a flame war bringing up Franz on the board.

    I am interested to hear other people's response, good thread
  5. Agreed. A routine is important. It's why I'll never trade remotely.
  6. 5:00 am Alarm goes off (usually hit snooze once or twice:D )
    5:15 am Morning workout (stationary bike, weights, etc)
    5:55 am Breakfast while reviewing Investors Business Daily and Wall Street Journal
    6:45 am Shower, shave, get dressed (casual-jeans or shorts with t-shirt)
    7:20 am Finish getting 3 kids ready for school (wife gets them started)
    7:40 am Drop kids off at school
    8:00 am Morning prep work before open at 9:30

    Pretty much the same schedule I'd have at my last job in IT consulting, but I'd likely be out of town and seeing my wife and kids Thurs night-Mon morning only.

    The schedule keeps me disciplined and focused, and really is almost mandatory for getting anything done (anyone else with 3 kids under the age of 5 knows what I'm talking about).

    It's not hard getting up at 5:15 as long as you are in bed by 9:30-10pm. Took me a while to figure that out...
  7. i get up at 6 am and get dressed just as if i were going out to work. if you are running a professional business you should act like it.
  8. I wear my tuxedo when I trade.
  9. JORGE


    Get up at 4:50 pst. Catch up on news, pre-mkt action and form a list of trade ideas for the day. Shower at 5:45, put on my work clothes (sweats and t-shirt), eat a light breakfast and get ready for the open.
  10. wake up...6:00 am cst

    turns on radio for news...make coffee and breakfast for the wife and kids...

    eat and do dishes...

    up to rear of house at 7:00 am has separate stair case in rear of house...

    go over news and sheets... / downgrades...and any other news...

    trade the open...setup for rest of day...

    sometimes lunch...sometimes not...

    end of day...drop all activity into excel and shut down by 3:30 pm cst...


    some times i get dressed or sometimes i wait till lunch to s/s/s...
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