Strange Political/Economic Changes

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  1. I for one am amazed by the recent ideological changes the country has undergone, due to the credit crisis. It seems that the republicans have given up on the ideas of limited government and free markets. The democrats have never really believed in those ideas, so their recent actions do not surprise me. However the republican party seems to have completely embraced the philosophy of big government intervention on a massive and sustained scale. McCain even has a plan for the government to buy up all the bad mortgages!!! Now the treasury is buying a stake in the nations banks, even if some of those banks were not really interested?? Even some money managers were calling for the Federal govt to buy directly into the futures market.

    If republicans are now conceding that massive intervention by the federal government is the answer to the nations financial problems, then they are almost endorsing the democrats ideas at the least. I mean if socialism is the answer then wouldn't democrats be a better choice? Is this part of the reason that the democrats are doing so well in the polls? Its almost like going to your local church to talk to the preacher during a time of crisis and finding out that he has converted to Islam. Its very unsettling and discouraging and does not inspire his supporters.

    I am not an economist and maybe these things have to be done, but I am very shocked by the change in rhetoric coming from the republicans regarding the economy.
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    This is a joke. Republicans have never done anything about limited government but empty talk. Look at their deficits. And free markets became a joke when Halliburton and their cronies all got no-bid contracts for the Iraq occupation.
  3. The main reason is because if you look back at the great depression everyone including the free market republicans wished that something was done in order to at least diminish the huge depression a little bit.

    The only problem is no one knows how bad it actually is, they just know how bad it could be and thus are haunted by the inaction of the great depression.