Strange options pricing

Discussion in 'Options' started by teun, Dec 4, 2006.

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    They are non standard options. They only equal 95 Shares instead of the normal 100 shares.

    They could be the result of a merger or spin off.

    The normal May options for AMD have not started trading yet.
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    I assume there must be more reasons because the prices are very different (much more than a 5% difference in underlying shares could explain...).
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    Are you looking at the Bid / Ask or at the Last? The last is probably old because it is thinly traded.
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    I'm only looking at the bid-ask.
  6. If you see something suspect with options, check the contract adjustments section of the OCC website at:

    You can search by the underlying equity and find any adjustments (adjusted options=contract deliverables other than 100 shares of underlying) that the contracts have undergone. This is also handy because it will explain how adjusted options are priced as well.

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  7. QZA series options (the May expiration ones) are for 95 shares of AMD and $19.24 cash.

    This is due to the ATYT merger.