Strange fantasy involving guns NYSE canned food and wild animals.

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by ChDong, Dec 13, 2011.

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    I've been having most strange fantasy lately just before falling asleep I fantasize a little.

    I wake up and suddenly I am alone on the planet, all the infrastructure remains except every human is gone.

    First thing I do is break into a guns store and arm myself. After that I go to a local dealership and take one of those huge RAM trucks. Fill up my apartment with canned food cause electricity fails soon in the city. Refrigerators don't work and neither does heating.

    So after a while I take my truck across the country to find if there is anyone else living, and I see that wild animals have already begun moving into the city.

    I shoot a bear in the middle of the street for the heck of it and continue on.
    I arrive at NYSE and break in, still finding stale lunch steaming from when Market Makers were working.
    I hang out for a while, shoot some bullets into few servers and monitors just for the heck of it.
    After a few years I take residence at military base and dig in.

    It also occurred to me that I would need to break into pharmacy and dental office to get antibiotics and tooth extraction drugs because no one can do it for me.

    After few years wild animals, cougars, bears, wolves, become a real threat and I have to really watch myself outside etc

    So what does it all mean.
  2. Sounds like a hollywood script starring Nicholas Cage
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  4. I had that type of fantasies at night in the 1950's.. proves the Kondratiev cycle
  5. You want to be raped by a dominatrix dressed in bull's clothing. :cool:
  6. It means buy low, sell high.

    No...I would guess that you are experiencing unusual stress in your life & this is part of how your subconscious thinks about dealing with the problems.

    Are you worried about economic collapse & civil unrest?
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  8. ============
    Good points, good psychology. It also means watch the 3 dots;
    those dots are PTP=parabolic time price:D

    Also, you may want to do your military service , as a young man @ Ft KNOX;
    pay attention to Kneal KNOX, NRA...


    As fars as NYSE, yes keep alert for danger. As a wildlife manager, trader /investor, dont worrry much about lions or wolves, they hunt /shoot them out west real regular...

    :D Thats wisdom.
  9. J Ski

    J Ski

    Means you know what a good truck is.
    I love my Hemi Ram. Good truck for the apocalypse.
  10. IHC Travelall 4WD converted to propane and a huge underground fuel storage tank... Way better than anything, ever...
    #10     Dec 25, 2011