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    Quote from djclif:


    We are currently looking for underfunded traders who want careers as proprietary traders. This is generally people with around $10,000 US. We ensure their loses beyond this so that they can trade with Bright Trading. We currently have people who trade in our office in Vancouver, in LaJolla California, and remotely over the internet (Bright has a Chicago office so you can trade there if need be). We have managers in Kansas City and Detroit that are willing to take potential candidates. We retain a small percentage of the profits and charge a per share commission based on volume. It is a minimum two year commitment. There will be restrictions on position being held overnight and size you can trade up to during the day. All restrictions and commissions are dependant on the amount of capital in your account.

    If you are interested in more information feel free to contact me at:

    PairCo Capital Holdings
    604 539 8700


    Darren Clifford
    CFO PairCo

    i am not sure that i understand your post...... your firm funds traders so they can trade with bright trading ?? you stake or "insure" traders the 30,000.00 USD they need to open a bright account to leverage even more capital ?? this seems really strange. can you explain further ??

    i have really heard everything if my understanding is accurate.

    best wishes for your unusual business model,


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  2. What's up with your sig? :confused:

  3. surfer havent you heard? margin is good. lol

    this little gem from fleck tonight.
    Reflecting on the recent news, I have been struck by the prominence of manialike psychology and behavior. That folks have chosen to live in a time warp seems particularly clear from the report that margin debt at NASD-member firms climbed to $27.977 billion as of this past July. To put that number in perspective, it was only $21.403 billion in March 2000, and about $6.481 billion at the beginning of 2003.

  4. :) thanks for the fleck report.

    very telling.....


  5. not sure...thanks for pointing it out.

    have a great night :)