Strange Conclusion, 5 stars for 5 fingers

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    Yeah... I don't know what to think about that....

    If you see the first picture is about CCCP star and the second one the entry of guantanamo, look at the star in the middle of the panel...

    Why is it the same star for both ?

    I came, to this seeing that :

    You know a hand has 5 fingers so as this star... And I think that it's because it's the symbol of hand of a man ( the darkside's power can't be shared 1 or 0 )... Not the one of God surely ( as the CCCP was Godless )...

    So what are your thought on this strange fact : the 2 stars are the same...

    Thank you.
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    That's a connection, for sure. Also, lens flare, such as one sees when they are stargazing with cheap glass, creates "fingers" around stars. It's not a stretch to connect all this and see how humans came to Earth from space!
  3. and this Japan Soldier during world war 2...


    And China Flag :








  4. it's THE global issue...

    for me they live at the age of branding... SO WHY a single LOGO all around the world... What does it stand for ?
  5. welcome to the link world... that's not only on the Internet...

    Does it change anything where we come from ? Where are now, without any possiblities of moving around... so let's keep the focus...

    ( It's called the StarGate... LoL

    In the meaning that it's the final stage of intelligence... Where it beginns or where it die... Intelligence is the only thing that has the potential to destroy itself... For love this isn't a possiblities... ).

    This choice was always present to all the Intelligence that ever existed in the Universe... I am not sure that one has overcome it... However I think that We are smart enough !
  6. Do you know for what stand blue red and with color ?

    red for blood
    blue for water
    white for the skies / God

    What grows in the middle of that ?

    The Tree of Freedom !!! :D

    However it clearly doesn't need the blood !!! it could be love...

    and with love the fruit is good :)
  7. [​IMG]
  8. seriously I feel strange that all around the world, in culture so different, where languages foods, rythuals, musics, arts and people are totally unique... there is a single symbol representing power...

    How could it be that from the East to the West there is only one Logo :confused:

    If someone knows please...
  9. and new one...


    and as the old link isn't working anymore...


    no white in both flags... ^^
  10. No one knows why ?
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