Strange Clock Problem

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Swan Noir, May 11, 2012.

  1. My wife just got an Inspiron 14Z i5 laptop and there is an AccuWeather image on the screen that includes the time. It gets set by city -- NYC -- but shows up as an hour later. We tried to set it to Atlantic time (by picking San Juan) and it still reads the hour off.

    But the real problem is that while the computer clock is on the money her Outlook is an hour off like the Accuweather image. Beside deleting AccuWeather (which she will do if needed) any suggestions. She loves the rig but calling Dell service is pure torture. It truly sucks.
  2. Is this Windows operating system?

    Is the time-zone set correctly? With the correct option set for Automatically adjusted for Daylight Saving Time?
  3. yes ... running windows 7 and the computers main clock is accurate.

  4. I suggest you go to Microsoft Technet for IT Pro forums because the OS and Outlook are not seeing the same time. Don't mention the AccuWeather crap to them - just tell them it's a time synch problem with Outlook and the OS.

    It's free and there are highly qualified people cruising through those forums all the time but it's all volunteer so it could take some time (a day, a week, etc.) but I'm sure you'll get your fix.

    I suggest trying this thread:
  5. Makes sense. I'll do just that. Thank you.