Straits Financial, LLC

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  1. Has anyone used Straits for futures trading?

    They now clear CME CBOT NYMEX & COMEX, and offer T4 and X-Trader and a per R/T basis.

    Please reply or PM me.

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  3. Peter Catranis, who is a CTA, told me he likes them and has now become an IB for them.

    He feels they are very solid, owned out of Singapore.

    He was able to negotiate good rates with them.

    He is always happy to chat at
  4. Thanks, Com. They're not very well known yet, but I noticed Straits is the same size as Crossland, Cunningham and Dorman, and is now a full clearing member of NYMEX and COMEX (which they added in 2012), in addition to CME and CBOT.

    Should I do some clearing with them I'll post a review in the future.

    Any other comments are welcomed.

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  6. I recommend AGAINST using this firm.

    My associate, who is a successful trader had told me they've reneged on a clearing deal they had previously established, and jacked up rates.

    So minus one point for dishonesty.

    Also, I asked a rep there for more color on their segregation policy and prop trading - I noticed on their website they claim no prop trading, but are registered (on NFA's BASIC) to operate commodity pools, so I just asked for clarification.

    Two weeks now and no answer. These guys couldn't close a window! I was ready to give them some biz.

    ...thought you all should know as a follow up.