Straight up tomorrow

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    DOW -102, COMPX -26 ... anytime I see these nonsensical posts about heading straight up I know we're heading down.

    more to come IMO
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  2. Dow 9096 -100
    SP500 986.5 -12
    Nas 1628 -25

    Close enough without the pennies.

    I checked in to comment that certainly, at least this time, a McClose indeed signalled pending volatility. As I have thought about this more, specifically what the McClellan Osc is measuring, it makes a tremendous amount of sense that a trending day would follow very near term a very small change in the Mc Os.

    My question earlier about the percentage of NR days and IB days is related. Much the same as I see it to the Raschke/Connors idea which includes recent historical volatility as a component.
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  3. Actually EqtTrdr went on to clarify that because of the mixed signals following the first signal, the pending direction was unclear. However, true to the method as published, although not stated per se, yesterday's change was down, and today's trend so far has been the same.
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  4. Redhawk


    The last three days have been BS, and I wouldnt be surprised to see 975 before the day is out on the SP. They are just doing the rollover/ option expiration dance. The market is an illusion.
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  5. trader99


    I was poised to short today after reading all this bullish stuff. Then when that report came out it was just water pushing through a dam. I kept shorting and adding and shorting all day! This is freakin awesome!!

    At one point, I had close to 30 YM contracts short. Unfortunately, I covered most of them. Now I'm totally out. Wished I had held on more.

    but keep 'em coming!


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  6. Yeah baby, just stand on your head, its straight up! It will never go down!!!!!
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  7. Funny how no one says anything except Harry until after the fact. How about a close @992 S&P, any takers?
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  8. prox


    You guys are ruthless :D
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  9. FinStat



    Fade this monkey :eek:
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  10. trader99


    I mean you guys are missing the point of trading. I don't do prediction. I just don't. Because, wtf? I'm not GOD! I'm just a trader. Who knows what will happen next?

    When the right conditions come to short, then I'll SHORT the hell out of it. When the right conditions come for long, I LONG the hell out of it. Why should I invest my time in useless predictions. It's nice to think and analyze the market and go on and on.

    I've done my fair share of predictions and loss. Now I just go with the flow.

    I'm not saying predictions aren't good. They can be if you are right. If you can predict the near term top or bottom of something then it can be extremely profitable. I'm just not sure of ANY valid methods out there to predict minor tops and bottoms. I just trade when it's obvious. Maybe some people can predict, like Harry. I never understood his methods. But he sounds like a good analytical trader and obviously making money. So, cheers to those who can predict stuff. Or Jess J who likes to make "market calls". I'm a trader. I just trade. I don't make market calls. I make them for fun, but I don't trade on them.

    Now, IF the market turns around later this afternoon, you'll better be sure that I'll be going LONG!

    think about it!

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