Straight up tomorrow

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  1. YEAH baby! Who's your daddy?

    We are going straight up so hard tomorrow in a beautiful trend day up....

    I love squeezing shorts!!

    When will they ever learn?

    and I didn't say this, the McClellan Osc did---

    Squeezem' if ya got em'
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    Another perspective :D

    We'll see.
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    Can you load a picture of yourself in uniform, EqtTrdr? I like pictures of cheerleaders.
  4. is that Euphoria talking??!

    Just wondering why your are on this board and not Yhoo's!??

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    doji in spy and qqq, move out of today's range tells the tale, could go either way.

    smh and qqq lagging the spy, not a bullish thing.
  6. Hey EqtTrdr

    I don't recall if I read it here on ET or elsewhere, but someone talked about the McClellan close signal. I remember only a little about it, but it seems that a narrow range day like today in the indices was a precursor.

    Is this what you are speaking of?
  7. Yeah that's it. I use Qcharts and it doesn't have the McCLellan OSC. But I looked at the pitstock site and followed the links to the charts referenced. What I don't understand is the part of the explanation that says the expected move is in the same direction as the change. From the chart it appears the oscillator turned down, yet you anticipate up. Where am I screwing it up?
  8. you are exactly right, except yesterday we made a minor change to the + side

    I had anticipated a minor change to the plus side today because of the way the indexes closed.

    So basically today pushes the trend day foward another 1-2 days

    so either Friday or Monday can be a trend day, and because of the mixed signals, it is unclear which way it will be

    If you see an impulse decline or advance in the next 1-2 days I would assume as long as there is breadth in the direction of the move that it will be a trend day in that direction because it would be supported by the McClellan
  9. Excellent! Thanks for the explanation.

    I bet I read and reread that thing 10 times after you first posted this afternoon ( I did a yahoo search and found the pitstock site.) I even copied it and emailed it to myself to reread again because I was missing it somewhere. So what I am not seeing is the first day that happened on Wednesday then. And then as you stated the trend day gets pushed out another day.

    Btw, it says that 75% occur in the same direction etc, but do you have an idea how often the trend day occurs regardless of direction? In other words, how often does the signal accurately forecast a trend day, whether in the same direction or not?
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