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  1. Any good strategy runner tips and tricks that aren't published anywhere?

    Like how to get their software to display two or more charts of the same emini(ES for example) so we can view different time frame candlesticks at the same time?

    Or how to overlap study indicators so we have more room on the chart and so we can compare the study indicator's wile overlapped instead of above one another.

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    Strategy Runner is a solid platform as regards execution and stability

    Chart programmers are very bad....:(
  3. here is a tip for using multiple timeframes charts

    *you can login to SR with your login , and open a charts (for example an ES 5 min chart)

    * next login again (click on the SR icon on your desktop without login out from your current accounts (login with same user name and pwd, SR will allow it)

    then you can open another ES chart with different time frames
  4. Thank you!! That's an excellent tip! :)
  5. been using sr for 6 weeks are so. the feed has been good but the fills are very slow compared to other vendors i've used. there's defenitely a small delay using there tt system. also having to freeze the doom is a pain in the but to put the orders in. for a swing trader the speed or doom is no rpoblem but for a heavy trader of 200 or r/t's a day i'd say stay away
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    ...TT feed will be available on version 3.0

    Using GHCO instead of RCG the Dome is dynamic (centered on the last price)

    It should be an interesting combo.....

    What do you think about?
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    Back to what it use to be. I like SR's dome better than other vendors including XTrader.
  8. sr's dome is cumbersome. when the futures moving fast it's hard to get orders in at certain price levels as the it's always moving. the price freeze is cumbersome
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    I agree. I don't like the price freeze function either; however, the SR Dynamic Dome is the best IMHO. Unfortunately, I believe RCG is the only broker that doesn't have it.
  10. If your like me you dont like the voice SR uses, you can change it by opening C:\Program Files\StrategyRunner\Real\sounds

    The wav files are in there. Just record a new wave file and rename the one in ther to old or something else and rename your new ones to what they were. I recorded my own voice and replaced them.
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