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    Hey everyone! Just wanted to see if anyone can shed some light on this...paper trading straddles at the moment. Bought ATM put and call. Within a day of the trade, the stock had moved to the upside by 2 dollars. Strangely though, the put side of it had moved 1.50 against me(huge swing from where I bought it) and the call side only moved .30 in my favor so overall I am negative on the position. If someone could clarify why the put was so volatile and the call just remained flat, I would greatly appreciate it. I know there are factors of IV and Historical Volatiliy that could play a part, but dont know if that is all you need to consider. Thanks for any comments any body may have.
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    The two options may have lost a comparable amount of premium due to a drop in I.V., but the call gained intrinsic value, whereas the put did not.
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    Not the case here but if the UL was below the strike before the move, with a move up to strike the put would have lost more (intrinsic) than the call gained (extrinisc). But since you said ATM, the most likely explanation is a drop in IV.
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    This sounds highly improbable. Two guesses:

    1) You bought incredibly high vola
    2) The options were not in fact the ATM (50 delta) options.

    If you had the ATM call, it has a delta of ~.50 (which leads me to believe you didn't have the 50 delta call). That means your call should have gained close to $1 on a $2 move, minus vega loss, plus the call gaining intrinsic value (gamma gains) minus trivial theta losses if any.

    Google vanna. This is better asked on Wilmott.
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    If you mentioned the stock and the exact options you traded, someone could tell you exactly what happened instead of having 10 people guess.
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    Thanks! I appeciate every one taking the time to answer. Going back to newwurldmn's comment. The stock was BIDU. I did the 140 ATM call and put on 9/12 at 1:53pm eastern time. The stock was around 142 when I put the straddle on and 140 was closest to ATM. Bought the call at 11.5 and put at 9.35. At end of day 9/12 the stock had reached 145 then retraced just a bit to 144 and change. Next day at 9:30 at the open, the stock opened up at 144.61; the call opened up at 12.74 and put opened up at 8.4. By noon the stock was at 143.53; call was at 11.5 and put was at 8.2 and by 3:30 the stock was at 144.85; call was at 11.93 and put was at 7.47. So as you can see the call stayed between 11.5-12.5 but the put side deteriorated as the day went on. So my understanding of straddles has everything to do with volatility. So on the put side, I guess IV was extremely high and by end of day on 9/13 all of time value got taken out???? If yes, would a model(like black sholes) tell you this beforehand? Going into a straddle next time, how do you determine if an option is fairly valued so that I wont get burned with inflated premiums. Thanks again for taking the time!
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