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  1. There are, per JTH, four factors which affect the intraday [RTH]value of the STR-SQU indicator. These variables and the indicator itself are discussed elsewhere and will not be elaborated on here.

    Instead I will erratically post the indexarb value for the offset along with the time of day and what my RTH iteration has produced. I am using a '2 pair null' to iterate.

    So for example today, 5/1/08 the indexarb offset was quoted as: -8.86 = -8.9 (for me) = -9.0 (for some). At the present time 12:02 PM EST, my value is -12.9.

    Others are welcome to post their value. My reasons for doing this are both self-serving and altruistic.


    Remember, if $ leads, a STR is a SQU.

    Disclaimer: The information presented here is in no way meant to replace, supercede or mangle what has heretofore been presented on this entity.
  2. NQ, ES new ID H but smart$ no go @ 11:50-52.

  3. What the heck are you talking about ?
    1) There is only ONE post of that indicator in this entire forum.
    2) There are no valid references in a google search other than that post.
    Please point to the research/background into the development of this indicator. I'm not saying it's invalid, but I am saying your statement above is clearly invalid.
  4. You might want to perform your search once again ...

    Response for the OP, if you calculate your own INDU (using the DOW Divisor and the changes for each stock in the DJIA) you should experience superior performance with respect to STR / SQU. In addition, automating the 'offset' eliminates the need to visit any web sites or 'adjust' any settings throughout the day. One then need only make changes once a quarter - on rollover day. :)

    - Spydertrader

    Edit: The most importantly aspect of STR / SQU involves when one chooses to observe the signals generated. For the vast majority of people, STR / SQU should only provide a signal a few times a day. The rest of the time, the YM provides all the signal needed to trade the ES.
  5. Tums


    Why on earth would you worry about the value at 12:02 PM ????
  6. I'm not 'worrying about the value at 12:02' but rather stating that at that time o' day my offset was = -12.9. Which is to say it has been my experience that the offset value can change during the day, sometimes dramatically so and not only as a consequence of something as obvious as a Fed diddle. The important thing for me at this point in time is that I stay accurately 'synched'.

  7. B.S.
    Everything else was Jack Hershey posts.
  8. Thanks Spyder for illuminating syswizard's path to new horizons. I depend pretty heavily on the crew at to provide me with a starting point for the offset. Their number for the $ corresponds to the one which I use. I also am impressed with the logic which indexarb uses to derive their numbers and have spent some time going through their calculations and daily predictions. Which is not to say that whatever protocol someone else (like yourself) uses is illogical. I simply like the way they do it.

    As for the "classical" STR-SQU signal coming only a few times a day, yah you betcha. IMO, based on what I have read about the indicator, it has uses beyond the one noted above and that's what interests me. At this point in my exploration I find MAK's XL tool to be particularly helpful although it does not have a permanent record (which is great for the drift).

    It is really no more complicated than that. I was curious to see if others were arriving (by whatever means) at an offset comparable to what I was getting. I have the programming prowess of a boulder and so must rely on a personal blend of Neanderthal-based instincts to get me locked into the ups and downs of the market.

  9. 1) That was indeed John T. Hershey to whom I was referring and I'm chopped liver.
    2) That reminds me of an old Marx Brothers joke.

  10. Depending on was exactly the point I was attempting to convey. There is a superior provider of offset - the market. Using this provider, allows the trader to 'see' certain clues provided by STR / SQU (in combination with the OTR Chart) previously hidden within the 'normal' STR / SQU Signal Matrix.

    I'm confident you do. However, as is the case with most Hershey tools, more to the 'signal' exists than provided by the ingredients in the original recipe.

    I do not know which version of the STR / SQU tool you use, but check the programming code. One of the versions uses a completely different STR - SQU than one would expect (and I don't mean ES - SPXX)

    Sorry, I can't help you there. I have the whole process automated now which results in a faster time to 'sync' when each day begins. However, I plan to make the whole process available soon to those with an interest - in case you have a desire to compare for purely educational purposes. :)

    Good Trading to you.

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