STP-FSLR-Has solar topped?

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  1. I find myself searching for reasons that solar stocks could continue to show gains in 2008, after such a monster 2007?

    Many solar charts look similar, a huge pop near the end of 2007, now in 2008 straight DOWN.
  2. TSL and LDK are still good buy in the solar sector, at their current price.

    FSLR is a sucker. It is destined to go out of business. Instead of throw your money at FSLR, spend your cash to buy some tellurium.
  3. Do not buy tellurium - its toxic and I am not speaking about radioactive isotopes (I am radiobiologist by original profession). Buy instead of it garlic - its healthy- and you will have same odeur.

  4. What if Oil trades to the 80's on slower demand due to a recession?
  5. Poleuon:

    Just do NOT mix tellurium with soy sauce you will be fine. Store it under-ground. It is perfectly safe, even rats will not bite it. I personally believe tellurium is an excellent commodity investment.


    Oil will not come back down to $80. You need to become Peak Oil aware, google to find out what is Peak Oil and why it is relevant to EVERY ONE's life.

    All my investment strategy is centralized around the theme that we are facing depletion of many important natural resources. My most favorite are PAL and SWC. They are the ONLY primary palladium metal producers in the world. Palladium metal is the only thing that can salvage us from the Peak Oil crisis.

    Some of the best discussion groups on Peak Oil is

  6. When the market is down everything goes down. Fundamentally there is nothing wrong with FSLR, STP ,SPWR. They will all mushroom when the market rallies again. Donot buy them now, wait for market rally to lift these stocks.

  7. Have you seen the fundamentals on FSLR ? Those quarterly growth in sales and EPS ?

    Technically the stock is down due market weakness. Nothing wrong with it.
  8. Day7793:

    FSLR rely on tellurium as a critical raw material feedstock. Without tellurium they can make no product, period. Fundamentally FSLR has a business that MUST go down, due to a looming global tellurium shortage:

    I actually loaded up some TSL longs today. But FSLR is absolutely a SHORT, a long term short. My cover target is below $20 a share.
  9. Metal52


    TSL and LDK seems to be good solar players. FSLR claims it has plenty of tellurium supply but no one can verify that.

    Platinum price is going through the roof. So SWC and PAL might be a good play short term. Any one has a good estimate how they are going to be for Q4? When do they report?
  10. PLM is about to go online platinum production sitting on worlds largest reserve!
    i agree with the tellarium scenario-unless solar companies want to smelt copper-----------
    GREAT CALL ON FSLR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    choppy now could go either way i think but down seems like a better scenario!
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